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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bilal Akhtar: A guy ahead of his generation.

Bilal Akhtar. Behind that name lurks a very prosperous future.

One great highlight about the Ubuntu Developer Summit was meeting Bilal Akhtar, a 16 year old high school student from Canada.  For a simple looking guy who is slightly dependent on coffee, there is a lot of brain packed in that skull.  Boasting roughly 4 years of experience in coding in Python and C and in being part of the Ubuntu community, Bilal daunts me in many ways.  He shows me that a purpose-driven life sees no horizon, but an infinite cause to continue refining the self and become a model of excellence.

Plus, he was a social network guru.  Despite not blogging as actively as he used to, he knows how to get around google plus, facebook, and twitter (he boasts over 600 followers!).  And all this from his passion and interest to make free software better.  A high school kid like him already sealed his future as tomorrow's next leader.  To me, he is the ideal student: one whose grades are top-notch and developer skills as sharp as knives.

There is a lesson to be learned.  To pursue your dreams will make your life more interesting.  I hope to achieve it myself... For now, I better study my command line interface,

Update: Bilal is actually 15, but he's turning 16 later this year.


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    1. Glad you ask. Last Tuesday, during dinner, I talked with a Canonical employee, known for bug triaging, named Omer. Considering my youth, he brought up that there was another 16 year old in the summit. I was really excited about meeting a contemporary! So, after taking a group photo on Wednesday, I spotted him out of the corner of my eye and, without ado, talked about him in earnest.

      There are really brilliant minds out there. This is just a peep from a window sill.